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Global cloud computing services for any use case

As an AWS partner, we know about the extensive capabilities delivered in globally distributed data centers to millions of customers worldwide. With over 200 services, Amazon Web Services offers a data-driven solution for almost every challenge. Not only large corporations and government agencies rely on AWS, but also us as a partner – and we would like to show you why!

Your added value with AWS

Reliable cloud infrastructure is essential to your data and related business success. Whether you want to deploy your data analytics or data integration applications with a single click, or you want your users to access your data globally in seconds, Amazon Web Services has a cloud infrastructure that fits.

For this, it is relevant that security, availability, scalability and flexibility are permanently guaranteed, and performance is available on demand. Get in touch with us! We will be happy to explain how your company can benefit from this.

Scalable Data Lakes

Store your data lake in Amazon S3 with 99.99% availability and the best security, compliance, and audit features. And with AWS Lake Formation, you can easily create your data lake in days instead of months! Focus on your valuable data and create new insights to drive your business forward.

Analytics & Data Warehouse Services

Analytics and data warehouses services are essential for your specific use cases and need to be optimized accordingly. You shouldn’t compromise on one of your most valuable assets – your data. Amazon Redshift data warehouse makes it easy to quickly gain new insights from your data. You can reduce the effort required for petabyte-scale analytics by 50% compared to traditional on-demand solutions.

Central Data Governance

Often managing security and access controls are complex and challenging. Functionality such as centralized access control or column-level data filtering can give you full control over your data lake from a single location.

Real-time Data Transmission

You’ve probably experienced that keeping the right data in the right place at the right time can often be a challenge. There’s also the issue of moving data across multiple data stores into your data lake or data warehouse and then combining it. AWS Glue can help make data work for your analytics and facilitate machine learning and application development.

While you can seamlessly query data from your S3 data lake using Amazon Redshift (data warehouse), you achieve the single point of trust for your data, all in a powerful and cost-effective way.

What could a suitable workshop look like for you?

We offer customized workshops for every use case - feel free to contact us about this!

Data Management Basics

Learn the basics of data management and find out about current data management concepts, vendors and solutions and their advantages and disadvantages for your business.

Data Prototype Workshop

In our Data Prototype Workshop, we work with you to create initial prototypes for data solutions in your company. After identifying suitable and profitable use cases, we work with your employees to set up the first applications that fit your individual data roadmap.

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