Convincing performance with Snowflake as cloud data platform

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Your unlimited possibilities with Snowflake

As a Snowflake partner, we want to introduce you to one of the most revolutionary technologies in the cloud data warehouse segment. Snowflake’s architecture gives you virtually unlimited scalability to load and provision your data quickly, easily and securely. The solutions can be profitably used in the areas of data warehousing, data engineering, data lakes, data science and the development of data applications.

How do we help you?

We want Snowflake to give you secure, controlled access to your most critical data workloads through a single centralized platform. We want you to gain visibility about the latest innovations and a clear view of how data can help your business succeed through as-a-service solutions. Let’s bring light into the darkness!

What could a suitable workshop look like for you?

We would like to show you what a workshop could look like for you as an example. Of course, each workshop is designed to fit your needs. Contact us and learn more about our workshops!

Data Management Basics

Learn the basics of data management and find out about current data management concepts, vendors and solutions and their advantages and disadvantages for your business.

Data Prototype Workshop

In our Data Prototype Workshop, we work with you to create initial prototypes for data solutions in your company. After identifying suitable and profitable use cases, we work with your employees to set up the first applications that fit your individual data roadmap.

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“Snowflake is one of the most modern databases on the market. Ease of implementation, near-zero scalability, auto-scaling in seconds, and ease of operation are just a few of the highlights. Additionally, Snowflake integrates very well with existing cloud platforms and can operate across the boundaries of all major cloud providers.”

- philipp ziemer, principle consultant, inform datalab


  • Automatic scaling gives you the power when you need it – and only then! The optimal ratio between performance and cost can be found.
  • The unique architecture logically separates storage, computing power and services, but natively integrates them. All users and workloads thus access a central data copy – while maintaining high performance!

Save costs

  • Not only scalability, but also automated management of the entire Snowflake ecosystem – whether infrastructure, availability, or optimization – saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on creating value using your data.
  • No more headaches over feature-flooded systems and servers eating up your budget, pay only for the amount of data and processing power you actually use.

Safe and global

  • Share data across multiple clouds and regions in a centralized and unified way.
  • Set up your own business ecosystem to securely make your data discoverable and accessible in your organization with a simple data sharing solution. Replace your traditional data sharing practices!
  • Forget engineering teams to prepare data applications. Address countless data sources directly with one database language (ANSI SQL).

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