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Proper data management in companies forms the basis for a smooth start and the entire life cycle of all data projects. A long-term and future-proof data management strategy helps to avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs.

This is because targeted data management increases the availability of data, shortens the decision-making process in the company and reduces wrong decisions through improved data quality. The result is minimal time-to-value for all data-driven challenges, cost savings and optimized productivity. Additionally, efficient data management helps build competitive advantage and quickly identify market dynamics. With years of experience in data management, we can work with you to quickly assess what data is relevant to your business success and how and where to best provide it.

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We offer in the area of data management:

  • Collection of data from different systems
  • Sensible data structures and models
  • Integration of data (Data Laking)
  • Individual user and rights management (Data Governance)
  • Consolidation of data(Data Warehousing)
  • Ideal combination of external and internal information
  • Overview of the data pipeline (Data Lineage & Stewardship)
  • Cloud and data migration
  • Data modeling (Analytics Ready)
  • Central integration of different systems
  • Assured data quality

Download our eBook "Data Management - Foundation of Data-Driven Decision Making"  and start the successful use of data management in your company!

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our Data Management workshops

Data Management Basics

Learn the basics of data management and find out about current data management concepts, vendors, solutions and their advantages and disadvantages for your business.

Data Prototype Workshop

In our Data Prototype Workshop, we will create with you initial prototypes for data solutions in your company. After identifying suitable and profitable use cases, we work with your employees to set up the first applications that fit your individual data roadmap.

Kevin Nguyen

Account Manager

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"In the years I've been working with data, and creating value from data, the biggest challenge is making data available for data analytics and science. Many of my clients struggle to find a workable and scalable solution that makes it easy for actual users to consume the data. This problem is actually getting worse over time as data gets larger and more complex. I care deeply about the democratization of data, as I believe it is central to the growth of today's businesses."

- philipp ziemer, principle consultant, inform datalab

What our customers say

Simon Picard

Business Digital Office (Business Enabling) (XC/BDO-BE), Robert Bosch GmbH

"As part of our project with INFORM DataLab, we will be able to process and analyze an incredible 188PB in the future. In the process, the amount of data is constantly growing."

Adnan Karabegovic

Chief Information Officer, MOTUL

"After less than four weeks, a first basic application was available, which we then improved step by step and rolled out internationally - with consistent help from INFORM DataLab.

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