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Your company data is crucial for making important decisions and sustainably influencing the company’s success. We want to help you with our digital solutions!

What could a suitable workshop look like for you?

We would like to show you what a workshop could look like for you as an example. Of course, each workshop is designed to fit your needs. Contact us and learn more about our workshops!


Learn in our Business Intelligence 1X1 fast and compressed how to implement your own evaluations, visualizations and analyses adapted to your individual requirements in the company.

Data Prototype Workshop

In our Data Prototype Workshop, we work with you to create initial prototypes for data solutions in your company. After identifying suitable and profitable use cases, we work with your employees to set up the first applications that fit your individual data roadmap.


In our Use Case Ideation Workshop, we take a closer look at your challenges & data. Our data experts make an initial inventory of what data is already available in your company, where and in what quality. Based on this analysis, we work with you to develop the first possible use cases for your department or company that will quickly create added value.


Are you at the very beginning of your data journey and want to get an overview of what is feasible and - more importantly - useful for your company? Then we recommend our Data Initiation Workshop, where we provide you with advice and support based on our years of experience.

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Data Analytics

Make data-driven decisions quickly and analyze relevant metrics easily with just a few clicks! Start creating data value in your business with Data Analytics with Qlik!

Data Integration

Create easy access to reliable data in your company and evaluate data even faster. With Data Integration, all relevant data is available to you in real time at all times!

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