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Write! Gantt is an intuitive extension for project planning in Qlik Sense. Keep your projects on track, stay within budget, optimize resources, and create accurate forecasts.

Write! Gantt is an interactive project illustration helping users visualize deadlines of tasks, upcoming activities and the overall project timeline in one place. The extension allows the user to understand, through visualization, the relationship and dependencies between pieces and stages of the project. Write! Gantt displays entire projects in a single editable illustration showing tasks and events on the horizontal bars and time intervals on the vertical axis. Write! Gantt is effective in all industries and is an excellent solution for project managers to utilize in Qlik Sense.

  • View, edit, add and delete projects, tasks, milestones, and links
  • Full support of interactivity
  • Range and zoom control
  • Creative control over projects, tasks, milestones, and links
  • Add reference lines to define dependencies between tasks, projects and milestones
  • User-defined time periods & milestones
  • Display of holidays and weekends
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Feature Highlights

Apply, Edit and Reschedule

Tasks, projects, milestones and links can be edited, added or deleted and the project plan is automatically rescheduled accordingly.


All projects, tasks, milestones or links can be colorized individually. This ensures direct visual feedback at any level.

New project structure with any node depth:

 A new project and the associated tasks and subtasks can be created quickly and easily. Only Write! Gantt can plan this to any hierarchy depth.

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This is why you should choose Write! Gantt:

Optimized Project Planning

Track project progress using dynamic markers or milestones. This gives you a complete overview of the entire project schedule, regardless of its complexity. Clear visualization allows you to quickly identify dependencies between tasks and to set priorities correctly.

Holistic Resource Planning

View who is involved in a project, when and with what? With Write! Gantt you can see immediately which employee is working on what, where support is needed, and which tasks are stagnating.

Everything at a Glance

Create a visual sequence of events to clearly present long-term projects that have many dynamic subtasks. This overall view allows you to see punctually which tasks are time-critical, for example, to stay within budget. View all critical milestones in a clear chronological order.

Visualized Process Chains

Maintain the “Big Picture” outlook. Track project progress using dynamic markers or milestones and maintain a 360° view of the entire project schedule, no matter how complex it gets. Use visual reports to quickly understand the dependencies between tasks and set priorities correctly.

"When I started developing Write! Gantt, I never thought about the possibilities of an editable Gantt chart. Now we keep getting feedback on the many use cases of Write! Gantt, and I am glad that we are able to make the daily work of so many people easier."

Thomas Gorr, Product Manager Write!

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