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Modernize your processes and increase your sales productivity with Write! Plan directly in Qlik Sense

With Write! Plan, you can quickly and conveniently plan at various levels in detail, perform quick top-down and bottom-up planning and carry out your planning processes based on real historical data. Write! Plan is a simple input option for planning data that contains complex planning functions. The high level of user-friendliness and intuitive operation enables enormous time savings in the manual consolidation of planning data and in the daily work.

This allows you to completely eliminate the need for external tools, such as Excel, in the planning process, and makes planning, budgeting, and forecasting much easier, more accurate, and more flexible. The editing and planning functions not only serve simple adjustments in Qlik, but also enable fast, strategic decisions in real time. In doing so, Write! acts as a single source of truth. Due to its ease of use, the extension can be used across departments and supports the collaboration of your teams. Possible application areas are:

Possible Use Cases 

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Top-Down & Bottum-Up Planning
  • Influence of changed budgets on entire financial planning visible with just a few clicks
  • Forecasting function based on historical data

Profit & Loss Account

  • Top-Down Planning for Managers
  • Bottom-up planning for department heads
  • Consolidation of results
  • Simulation and comparison of target/actual scenarios

Interactive Planning of Quantities and Prices

  • Budgeting and forecasting of interdependent KPIs
  • Live simulation and analysis
  • Freeze/Lock input

Approvals & Workflows

  • Individual approval processes
  • Scheduled budget delivery
  • Per controller overview of how far he is with his planning
  • Transparent and traceable planning processes

Financial Planning & Cost Control

  • Control of business and financial plans
  • Forecasting key figures and targets
  • Internal cost allocation

Revenue Planning

  • Dimension-based sales planning, e.g. per region, product or customer / customer group
  • Commenting on management report
  • Creation of workflow and approval processes

Central Cost Allocation

  • Distribution of central costs to operating units
  • Overhead costs

Human Ressource & Staff Budgeting

  • FTE planning (salaries + number of FTE)
  • Fluctuation / scenario planning
  • Overhead planning in the personnel area: training costs, travel costs, etc.
  • Controlling of positions
  • Volume and cost effects
  • Capacity allocation

Investment Planning

  • Planning e.g. of new machines or real estate
  • Cost structure e.g. acquisition costs, interest, personnel costs, advertising costs, incidental expenses

Sales & Marketing Planning

  • Setting and recording sales targets
  • Integration of performance management
  • Campaign planning and controlling
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Feature Highlights

Margin Planning

Quick overview of profit and loss structure. Employees can directly visualize and check the effects of different scenarios on the profit and loss account.


New Budget

See at a glance and with just a few clicks what effect a changed budget has on your overall financial planning.


Take a look into the future based on historical data and use the forecasting function of Write! Plan.

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This is why you should choose Write! Plan:

Integrated Planning

Integrate your planning directly into your Qlik application and thereby extend the planning spectrum of your BI solution. Quickly and conveniently see what impact rescheduling has on your planning parameters. In combination with other key performance indicators, keep track of all relevant financial metrics exactly where you need them and improve reporting across all departments.

Single Source of Truth

Eliminate external tools and plan directly in Qlik. This means you only work in one interface and avoid cumbersome, time-consuming work in different interfaces. With Write! Plan, you can easily enter plan data in one central location.

Complex planning function

Whether top-down, bottom-up planning, configurable workflows or the individual weighting of factors - Write! Plan offers a wide range of important planning functions for finance and planning professionals in various industries.

Low training requirement & high acceptance

Our experience and many successful projects have proven: Write! Plan convinces users with its high user-friendliness and intuitive operation. In contrast to other solutions, Write! Plan can be quickly introduced and implemented in companies, eliminating the need for a time-consuming project and lengthy training.

What our customers say


Corporate Controller, Gabriel Chemie GmbH

"Thanks to Write! Plan, we can completely dispense with Excel as an external tool in the planning process. Planning is considerably easier, more flexible and faster. We were able to significantly reduce the effort required for monthly and quarterly financial statements."

Success Story Gabriel Chemie

Thomas Bayer

Senior Referent Controlling & Co-Projekt Manager Controlling2.0@CLH, Lufthansa CityLine GmbH

"We used to have more of a mapping function in controlling - by using Qlik Sense and Write! we can now focus fully on information provision and controlling tasks."

Success Story Lufthansa CityLine
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