Our goal is to enable you to work as efficiently and comfortably as possible and to implement complex plans flexibly, reliably and quickly. Because the decisions that make your company successful and competitive are based on these plans.

Change your planning from countless process loops, individual Excel files and time-consuming e-mails to a fast collection of all important key figures in one place and an integrated analytics of your data!

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Possible Use Cases

Data Integration & Analytics

Consolidate all your business data from countless systems in one place. Whether it comes from an ERP system like SAP, or you want to compare your planning scenarios with data from a web interface like Google Analytics - generate completely new insights!


To support digital decision making and consistent, long-term planning, we offer integrated forecasting that helps you keep an eye on the future of your business. Want to measure the performance of your business? Just keep an eye on all historical data!

Configurable workflows

Do you know this? The planning phase begins and you receive countless Excel files on the basis of which you are supposed to prepare plans? Then your files turn countless loops until the planning is completed. Thanks to workflows, this is no longer necessary. Enable collaboration between all users in one place and ensure intelligent approval processes.

Top Down & Bottom Up Planning

Plan comfortably, quickly and in detail on different levels and weight the planned values individually thanks to our algorithms. Despite flexible hierarchy levels and your configurable workflows, you don't want everyone to see all the data? An integrated authorization concept offers a remedy!

Scennario Planning & Analytics

Can you be prepared for scenarios like the pandemic and keep an eye on your liquidity? Planners and controllers should help decision makers consider a variety of scenarios. By doing so, you give management a better chance to be prepared for future scenarios and make data-based decisions!

Cloud (SaaS) or On-Premise

You need full flexibility in the choice of storage location? Your company is currently in transition? With our solution you can easily go the original way and start on premise. If the scalability of the cloud becomes crucial in the course of our cooperation, it is no problem to migrate your system and use your new solution in the cloud!

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   Saved time in  planning processes
Consistent and automatically merged data
Data security! No unauthorized access!





"Managing our partners and customers is a matter of my heart, because we are a community here all working on the same goal: Simplify the working life of our customers aka "stop trying to solve everything with Excel" , and do it as fast as possible."

- Aylin Hertel, Sales & Partner Manager Write!

Ana Krückels

Sales Manager Write!


They say

Patrick Lowski

Senior Referent Controlling, Lufthansa CityLine

"In the past, when we made our monthly forecast, the controllers were busy for up to 1.5 days per department. Today, the plan version is created within two hours and everyone still has to incorporate their changes. In our old DW, we had loading times of about 3 to 4 hours. With Qlik Sense, an SAP data dump takes about 30 minutes."

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