100% PSD2 compliant fraud reporting for payment service providers


A European payment service provider has over 1 billion records per year and wants to improve its existing fraud detection. Current PSD-2 rules require enhanced reporting for all industry participants in a high security environment.


Fraud reporting based on data from the RiskShield fraud detection software was developed. This enables the creation of ad-hoc reports for clients and their customers for PSD2.

Added value

  • Fraud reporting based on very large amounts of data
  • Customer became supplier for PSD-2 reports of its customers
  • PSD2 Fraud Reporting Conformance for client and its customers at 100%


  • Application monitoring for business-critical applications
  • Analysis of product usage behavior, marketing activities and customer structure
  • Data-based answering of conceptual & strategic questions
  • Automated visualization of data from different source systems
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