Use Case Ideation Workshop 

In our Use Case Ideation Workshop, we take a closer look at your challenges & data. Our data experts make an initial inventory of what data is already available in your company, where and in what quality. Based on this analysis, we work with you to develop the first possible use cases for your department or your company that will quickly create added value.

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Our Ideation Workshop uncovers possible applications of data management, data analytics and data science in your company. In the two-day workshop, we identify use cases that guarantee the fastest and most efficient use of our solutions and thus create the greatest possible added value for you. Individually tailored to your requirements, we develop suitable applications and identify the "low hanging fruits". Topics such as change management processes around data use as well as employee onboarding can also be the subject of this workshop.

Lay the foundation for a mature data strategy and review your requirements, prerequisites and possible applications.

Participants of the course will receive a certificate afterwards with a detailed breakdown of the contents learned. For larger numbers of participants, for multi-day or customised workshops, prices on request.

Your results from the workshop:

  • List of prioritised strategic data use cases and concrete recommendations for action for next steps
  • Methods for the systematic development and evaluation of data use cases
  • Initial fit-gap analysis as a basis for data strategy development

Target group:

  • Ideally, representatives of all departments,
  • Data or Digitisation Officer(s),
  • Stakeholders who have an overview of the current data landscape,
  • Stakeholders who have an overview of current data projects and existing solutions,
  • Ideally managers / decision-makers,
  • Creative minds who are willing to think outside their "daily business".

Duration: 2 days

Participants: -

Procedure: Remote / on-site at your premises / on-site at INFORM DataLab in Aachen

Costs: on request

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