Central data management ensures single source of truth despite worldwide locations


A globally active company in the field of insulation and access technology as well as interior design services operates with individual data silos at its various locations. Since there is no central single source of truth for this data in the company, these silos are to be migrated and consolidated into a common cloud platform together with the data from the company headquarters. This should enable all employees to access and analyze the same data centrally - at site level and across sites. The data was prepared in complex ETL routes prior to the project.


Using CDC (Change Capture Data), data was transferred to the Azure Cloud in real time. For this, the data from the landing zone is merged into a data vault, a data warehouse. In the last step, the data is provisioned in a data mart for the reporting view. The entire platform is secured by a security & governance concept.

Added value

  • Installation both on-premise and in the cloud
  • Creation of an analytical cloud platform
  • Data staging and model for the platform
  • Design of security and governance models and best practices
  • Significantly increased efficiency
  • Reduction of time-to-market
  • Centralized, enterprise-wide single source of truth
  • Reduction of manual efforts for data management by up to 70%
  • Real-time data provisioning


  • Various sources including SQL server and SAP on HANA.
  • Target is the cloud data warehouse Snowflake
  • Real-time migration of data using Qlik Data Integration
  • Incremental, scalable data warehouse
  • Complex governance and security aspects considered
  • Power BI Reporting
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