Grocery retailer digitizes purchase data for better use of promotions


One of the top food retailers would like to know which goods are sold at which time and on which day by means of a shopping cart analysis. This is not possible through the offline POS systems. Accordingly, the tracking and analysis of the inventory can only be traced based on the stocks and the reorder - but without precise time information.


Together with the operator of the checkout systems, a solution was developed that now makes it possible to track exactly which goods were purchased when and how much - now also in the stationary stores.

Added value

  • Targeted day- and time-dependent advertising of products
  • Improved control of promotions and discounts
  • Sales increase of over 10%


  • Every receipt from every purchase of several years from numerous stores in combination with weather data, information on past advertising (e.g. posters, newspaper ads) was integrated into the analysis
  • Potential for real-time advertising and time-dependent promotion of cross-selling products via in-store displays (currently testing)
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