Highway infrastructure is optimized by AI


In order to ensure effective control of the traffic flow, rapid detection and reaction to disruptions is essential. In some cases, outdated and inflexible algorithms are in use that no longer meet modern requirements. A large European highway operator wants to design and evaluate a completely new concept for incident detection based on the existing sensor technology.


Using the raw sensor data, AI-supported systems were trained to detect failures and malfunctions of individual measuring points. Based on this, a holistic model of a section of road continuously monitors the traffic flow and makes signage decisions independently and based on past experience. Particular emphasis was placed on flexibility in the face of structural changes and continuously changing traffic behavior.

Added value

  • Concept for the renewal of the current system
  • More efficient congestion avoidance through early detection of traffic incidents
  • Robustness against single sensor failures
  • Alleviation of the maintenance situation
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