Intelligent audio recognition leads to higher customer satisfaction


A large German health insurance company found that it was only able to ensure customer satisfaction for a very small proportion of its call center calls - and that only through costly callbacks. There was no overview of how satisfactory the calls were for the individual customer.


A framework was developed that does not analyze the spoken words, but the properties of the audio tracks (e.g. spectrum, reaction times) - so-called prosody. This should make it possible to understand the mood and potential annoyance of a customer.

Added value

  • Very good detection of "escalated" calls
  • Decision-making basis for further customer satisfaction measures
  • Very good differentiation between positive and negative calls


  • Consideration of high data protection regulations since the content of the calls must not be recorded
  • Analysis of hundreds of thousands of calls
  • Validation of the framework by means of past, manually collected satisfaction analyses
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