Unified data management reduces planning errors by 45%


As an internationally active supplier of engine and turbine technology with over 8,000 employees in various production areas, our customer has various upstream systems for production. Providing the data from these systems for further use, e.g. master data in gold standard or cleaned transaction data, is very time-consuming due to the multitude of technologies used.


For uniform data management and smooth control of the production processes, the linking and consolidation of the various data sources was a basic prerequisite. To address this challenge, the data was first extracted from the diverse sources via various interfaces and merged into a common data warehouse. Here, the data is cleaned and made available for further steps. The generated information is also merged and stored to enable conclusions to be drawn about the planning process.

Added value

  • Consolidation and cleansing of data
  • Clearly defined interface for subsequent application
  • Mapping of complex ETL and planning routes
  • 45% reduction in planning errors
  • 5 minutes of accurate data delivery
  • Reduction of error tolerance to 0.1%


  • SAP R/3 data migration
  • Migration of various data from previous systems based on Oracle, SQL Server, etc.
  • Interface for various subsequent systems
  • Consolidation of data in a data warehouse using Talend and SSIS
  • Enrichment of data with complex planning logics
  • Creation of various reporting applications
  • Provision of information and data for external service providers and partners
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