Process mining ensures process improvements in medical technology


A German medical technology provider has very complex sales processes, as a number of stakeholders such as health insurance companies, patients, doctors, nursing services, etc. are involved in a single order, and completely different factors come into play depending on the situation. The processes are hardly monitored and controlled. Both internal and external factors (organizational/regulatory) make it almost impossible to define homogeneous processes.


Based on the data analytics tool Qlik, a process mining solution was developed that prepares the purchase-to-pay process of various business units based on different data sources (mainly SAP) and processes it as event data with the customer- and business unit-specific business logics.

Added value

  • Data-based decisions for process improvements
  • Easy identification of bottlenecks and potential for automation
  • Fast detection and averting of deviations in control processes
  • Self-service process analysis & improvement
  • 100% process overview


  • P2P processes can now be independently checked and tracked.
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