Sustainable data strategy for a German market leader in energy management


One of our customers in the field of energy management had inefficient and limited access to its corporate data. A lack of transparency regarding requirements and existing solutions for generating data value made it even more difficult to uncover and leverage all data potential in the company in a targeted manner. In addition, a business intelligence team was set up, but without clearly defined objectives and tasks.


First, a data maturity analysis was conducted. For example, the status quo of existing data solutions was recorded, and challenges and potentials were identified and prioritized. For this purpose, the data experts from INFORM DataLab conducted interviews with various departments and stakeholders. Subsequently, an analytics vision for a central "Analytics Center of Excellence" was developed and agreed upon. How the newly established analytics unit will interact with the departments in the future was defined in the form of an analytics operating model (target operating model), which defines processes, tasks and roles. Finally, a target image for a central analytics IT architecture was developed and the feasibility of the new data platform was verified by means of proof-of-concept and tests.

Added value

  • Clear and coordinated roadmap for sustainable data value creation as part of the digital transformation
  • Transparency about data potentials, investment costs and challenges
  • Clear mandates and responsibilities for data and analytics
  • Sustainable concept for a central data platform as "single source of truth" in the company
  • Foundation for data innovation, efficiency gains, employee satisfaction and competitive advantages
  • Reduction of data-related business risks
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